The perfect ride for the off-season

Ride all year

The season never ends

The season never ends

Build your endurance and stamina

Ride local

Your neighborhood becomes the resort

Join a global community

Share the stoke and never ride alone

Feels Like Snowboarding

Re-experience carving
Spring loaded independent suspension
Easier to learn

Birthday bundle Paper pumpkin kit

The Original Freebord

For maximum stability at high speeds
Introducing the super-sized bushings
Less Intuitive

Independent, spring-loaded hangar arms for maximum edge control.
Interchangeable springs give you the deepest carve and the most butter feel ever!
Two-piece design reduces weight and gives you more durability.
Stronger castors made from T6 cast aluminum lets you go bigger even longer.

23 Years In The Making

Snowboarder tested and approved

The independent hanger arms allow for a deeper carve that rides like no other board on the market. The rebound of the springs absorbs impact and helps dampen vibrations. Designed to help first time riders master edge control. Tricks previously thought impossible are now within your reach.

The sensation of snowboarding with

the convenience of a skateboard

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"The freebord has really changed my outlook on skateboarding. Before my freebord, i rode a standard longboard skateboard, which was nice just making long carves, but you couldn’t add variety to any part of your riding. With the freebord, you can do airs, slide rails, and incorporate spins into your riding."


"I purchased a Freebord for my 13 yr old son to help him practice for our upcoming ski trip. Due to the Florida climate there aren't any places to learn. The Freebord was the perfect fix. When we finally hit the slopes last month, he was tackling black diamond slopes by the end of the first day. Thanks."


"…these things are totally awesome! They provide easily the closest ride to a snowboard without actually being one …. If your passion is carving and railing the groomed, but you can’t get to the white stuff, then Freebord is a must have."


“It is a Snowboarders dream! I have been a snowboarder for 12 years, looking for something to do during the summer. I finally picked up a Freebord. Before I knew it, I was carving up the gracious streets in my neighborhood. I am now kicking myself in the butt for not buying one sooner. Either way, I am now hooked….”



The first model was made

After 20+ years of evolution and rider driven innovation, we have engineered the best product on the market. Each generation of trucks comes with improvements on the hangers, baseplates, and castor assembly. These trucks are perfect for riders looking to push the limits and test their skills.

Super-sized bushings for increased stability and return to center.
Rounded profile for smooth grinds and tampered hanger arm to fit any wheel.
Two-piece design reduces weight and gives you more durability.
Stronger castors made from T6 cast aluminum lets you go bigger even longer
Featuring a 3˚ angle hanger to maximize the contact patch of edge wheels.